Project Description

Monitoring dose and compliance for a better care

We offer analyses of the blood levels of active metabolites in patients with toxic covalent binding inhibitors, a group of pharmaceuticals that are commonly hard to measure and dose. Currently we provide methods with high sensitivity for several common cytostatic. We also develop tailor made methods for analyses of other reactive metabolites that bind covalently to biomarkers. The result can be used either to adjust the dose or as a marker for compliance in the case of a long term dose regimen.

The measurement only requires a simple blood sample that without further treatment can be sent to our lab in Södertälje for analyses. We work according to GLP and have a long term experience of handling patient samples.

  • Fast analysis, fast answers

  • Better understanding of the treatment

  • Increased patient safety

  • Less side effects due to over dosing

  • Fewer patients with less than the desired active dose

Clinical Trials

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