About Us

Everybody deserves to be treated differently

Our Vision

We want to make a difference. With small means and minor adjustments, we at Adduct Analys want to achieve a major change. We believe that in modern medicine the individual has to be in focus and we believe that each individual is unique. In other words, in order to provide the best possible care everybody has to be treated differently.

Our Services

We offer a unique method for therapeutic drug monitoring that allows us to measure the active blood levels of substances previously difficult to assess. This can be used to personalize dose, avoid toxicity, increase treatment efficiency and monitor compliance.

The Company 

Adduct Analys AB was founded in 2004 to commercialize technology developed at the Department of Environmental Chemistry at Stockholm University, Sweden. The company’s main focus is to commercialize its unique and proprietary product series called TailorDose®. TailorDose® is a service that meets the need for personalized medicine relating to drugs that are difficult to dose, such as cyclophosphamide (CPA) and other covalent binding cytostatic drugs. The first ready made service in this series is TailorDose®-CPA and is intended for cancer care in conditions such as breast cancer. There is a great medical need for personalized dosing of CPA. Our own clinical pilot study showed that over 35% of the patients treated with CPA received the wrong dose, and therefore did not get proper treatment. TailorDose® offers a solution to this problem. A single blood sample, followed by a quick analysis enables the physician to dose CPA correctly for each patient.


Nov 2018: Vinnova and Medtech4Health grants Adduct Analys 1,4MSEK for development of new sampling methods.
Jan 2017: Hanna Nilsson, PhD, is employed as Executive Vice-President.
Sept 2016: The TailorDose technology is evaluated in a new breast cancer study at KI.
Jun 2016: The collaboration with Aprea continues to the next level after promising results.
Mar 2016: A lab has been prepared in Biovation Park equipped e.g with a LC-MS instrument.
Feb 2016: Roland Stenutz, PhD, is employed as a full time researcher.
Jan 2016: Adduct Analys signs a contract with Aprea.
Sept 2015: Adduct Analys presents at Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm, Sweden.
Jun 2015:   Achim Orzechowski, PhD is appointed as CEO for the Company.
Apr 2015: Per Rydberg, presents at the Karolinska Institute Science Park Day.
Apr 2015: Adduct Analys has new premises in the Biovation Park in Södertälje, Sweden.
5 Mar 2015: Adduct Analys appoints Achim Orzechowski, PhD as COO for the company.
Feb 2015: Lars Andåker is appointed as Chairman of the Board for Adduct Analys AB.
Dec 2014: Vinnova grants 2 MSEK to Adduct Analys for the development of TailorDose™.
Sept 2014: TailorDose™ is suported with 0.5 MSEK from Vinnova (VINN Verification).
Nov 2013: Breast Cancer Foundation grants 0.4 MSEK to Adduct Analys.
Mar 2013: Adduct Analys receives 3MSEK  from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.
Jan 2013: Korean TV portrays UppsalaBio, TailorDose is exemplified. 

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