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Why CompliCare?

It is well known that patients receiving long term medication often does not adhere to the treatment plan. This non compliance exposes them to adverse side effects or an increased risk for relapses.

The services we develop work best as long-time dose markers, which give a unique possibility to get a cumulative dose measurement of the pharmaceuticals in their active forms.

Measuring the dose exposure is made possible when the pharmaceutical has a slow build up to steady state in the blood. Eg. the active substance in commonly used estrogen blockers, reaches steady state after 1-4 months of usage. With CompliCare we can catch the patients that are under dosed, that has ended their treatment prematurely, and the patients that only takes their medicine irregularly.

A yearly blood sample in connection with general follow up will be enough to assess compliance.

CompliCare can be used on its own, or in combination with a single blood sample taken in the first months after initiating treatment, with the intent to catch the patients that for physiological reasons are dosed below threshold and adjust their dosage at an early stage (TailorDose).


We offer a measurement service where the responsible clinician will gain the tools to assess if the patients steady state level of the active substance is over or under the assigned threshold. The clinician can both detect if the patent is under dosed, if the treatment plan is not being adhered to, or if it has altogether ended.

Our method

To analyze the accumulated dose of active metabolite we use our patented FIRE method. We develop unique methods for measuring the otherwise very elusive reactive substances that bind covalently to biomarkers. The method is most effective if the active substance reaches steady state over time.

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