Everybody deserves to be treated Differently

We believe in a personalized care where everybody is treated differently. Adduct Analys offers a first step towards that vision. With a simple blood sample, we can determine if You are over- or under-dosed.


Welcome to Adduct Analys

We are the small analytic company that wants to make a big change.

Many pharmaceuticals are harmful if the dose is too high and inefficient if the dose is too low. In the cases where the drugs have to be degraded inside the body before the active substance is released, the active dose is entirely dependent on the metabolism of the individual. We offer a unique method to improve the personalized care, where a simple blood sample shows where an individual lies on the dose curve. This information can not be otherwise obtained and increases the chance to efficient treatment and lowers the risk of adverse side effects through over dosage.


We aim for transparency, both internally and externally. Please contact us if you have any questions or reflections regarding our business. We are easiest to reach on info@adductanalys.com.

Per Rydberg
Per RydbergFounder and CEO
Hanna Nilsson
Hanna NilssonCOO

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